Monday, January 17, 2011

A Change from the Usual

Have returned from Rae and Jeff's fantastic and beautiful wedding weekend in Jackson Hole. This is where I deviate from the "blog about making things." Here's a quick tally on the weekend:

Days skiied: 3
Falls: 2
Trees hit: 1
Bruises: Countless
Mid-mountain hot cocoas: 2
Weddings: 1 incredibly beautiful and fun one
S'mores made and eaten: 1
Will Farrell sightings: 2
Conversations about Will Farrell sightings, including with strangers on ski lifts: 37
Texts and MMS sent to friends who couldn't make it to the wedding: 60+
Fun had: Not quantifiable

And now, in photos:

En route to Jackson, WY via the Denver Airport. I believe that sign should say "Gobi, Sahara, Sonoran" etc.
Actually, those are all the deserts I can name off the top of my head. This sign made me realize my knowledge of world deserts is woefully inadequate.  So, uh, thanks French cafe at the Denver Airport for exposing my knowledge gaps.

Dinner on Wednesday. The name of this pizza is the Guido Sarducci. Obviously, we had to order it. (It was delicious.)

Day 1 of Skiing. We pause midmountain and I spot this large nest (top middle of picture) in a tree.
Me: "What kind of nest do you think that is?"
Scott: "Bear."

Before the last run of the day. Taken 5 minutes before I slipped while putting on my ski as if it were a banana peel and fell flat on my back. Good thing I am wearing that helmet!

Duke Girls and husbands at the Rehearsal Dinner at the Mangy Moose.

No one told me there would be gardening! And me without my trowel.

Delicious wedding dinner. That looks like an unassuming bowl of soup but in reality it is God's Nectar. Chrissy asked for the recipe and we are all crossing our fingers that the chef emails it to her.

The remnants of my s'more (illuminated by the dance floor). There was a fire pit outside where we got to roast our own marshmallows. There was also a death luge on the way to the fire pit after the lovely Four Seasons heated sidewalks ended but it turns out stiletto heels make pretty good ice picks.

Hot cocoa at Casper Lodge. I love getting cocoa from the machine that says "PRESS BUTTON UNTIL CUP IS 2/3 FULL THEN RELEASE." Always have, always will.

I almost bought this frame just because of the picture it comes with.
I guess in lieu of going to the mall, 12 year olds in Wyoming shoot animals.

Badgers??? We don't need no stinkin' badgers! (Sorry, really could not help it.)
I thought we really hit the jackpot with that last store in town, but then we passed by this:

In case the glare on the window makes it hard to read, the sign says:
Fur Jockstraps
With Tail $34.95
W/Out $24.95
That's right, ladies, you can buy your man a TAIL for just $10!
As if the fur jockstrap alone wasn't disturbing enough.

After that fur underwear thing, I needed a drink.

Our private room at the Snake River Grill. Because we are classy. (Or, because we are loud and the restaurant instinctively knew better than to seat us in the main dining room.)

Surprise! Happy Birthday Carla! (She is sitting in the same seat Will Ferrell was in the night before, according to our waiter.)

Sunday morning breakfast at 10,450 feet. This is a waffle stuffed with Nutella and it is AMAZING. 
 Happy Wedding Rae and Jeff! Love you guys!

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