Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tonight's Dinner

I know when I'm exhausted - not just tired, but full-on exhausted - when the thought of cooking something delicious for dinner fills me with dread and the thought of ordering in makes me cringe inside because nothing sounds good. When I'm so exhausted that I barely even feel hungry even though I haven't eaten in hours and hours.

Tonight is one of those nights.

And in times of exhaustion, sometimes I just want something good and honest and homemade but really don't want to work for it. Thing is, if I'm eating, it means I'm procuring myself food in one way or another. I'm sure it surprises you that birds and squirrels and such don't just fly in the window and start cheerfully singing and making my dinner and sweeping my floor and sewing me clothes like they do in all the Disney movies, but that hasn't happened yet.

Yeah, some anthropomorphic animals would be clutch right about now.

Back in reality, it's just me. And I'm not in the mood to transform basic ingredients to something magical. I just want to assemble a few basic things and eat something satisfying.

Hence, tonight's dinner menu:

Peanut butter & banana on toasted baguette slices
Fruit salad (strawberries, apricot, fresh mandarin oranges)
Chardonnay (What? I'm not four years old.)

There are no pictures of this meal. Sorry. Actually, that is a lie. I'm not sorry. And I did take pictures. However, uploading them to my computer feels like a lot of effort right now.

Perhaps another time.

Good night!

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