Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I skipped the faux bois wrapping paper this year in favor of brown paper packages tied up in...string.

Ribbon counts as "string," I think.

Sugar Cookie Bells

These are a family favorite - my mom has been making them since I can remember, and I think her mom made them before that. This year, I taught my stepmother how to make them. They are great if you're not a frosting person. I'm definitely not a frosting person.

How to make sugar cookie bells:

1. Roll out your sugar cookies like normal and use a bell-shaped cookie cutter.
2. Cut maraschino cherries (aka Sandy's childhood favorite "fruit") into quarters.
3. Place a cherry piece on the "dinger" (ringer? dinger?) of the bell.
4. Brush the whole thing with beaten egg white. 
5. Bake according to your sugar cookie dough recipe. 

Cute, no? I love their '50s feel. 


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