Tuesday, July 09, 2013

July is National Hot Dog Month

I've been working from home today. East coast hours, if you must know.

What that means is that I started working at 6:30am and after 7 straight hours of calls, I almost fell over from hunger. I believe that kind of marathon deserves a reward, so here's what I made and ate for lunch:

Turns out you can't get classic Chicago dog "sport peppers" in San Francisco. Well, not at my Whole Foods or at the Bristol Farms downtown.

I'm also bummed I didn't think to brush the bun with water and poppyseeds before toasting until after I was halfway through eating this thing. Maybe next time.

Still, on balance, this tasted pretty close to true. Better than I was expecting, actually!

Now if I only had some fries covered in melted Merkt's "cheddar" cheese spread...

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Barneyspal said...

Merkts, as used at Irving's, for Red Hot Lovers, the best dog on the North Shore.