Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend Warrior

I spent the last few days here:

That was the view from my hotel. The picture really doesn't do it justice - you can see much more of the ocean in real life than the camera shows. And while I am definitely not complaining about my work travel, it's hard to cook or craft in a hotel room, which means I have to squeeze all my crafty activities into the weekend. Today I've been cooking up a small storm for Maybay's birthday party - some apps and a dessert, which I'll post soon.

I've also undertaken a new project involving making a more craft-friendly space out of my 7x10 "storage room." This process began with confronting mild hoarding tendencies and purging things (Why do I keep old boxes? I am not moving for the forseeable future...) These are the results of last weekend's purge:

Not unlike the ocean above, it actually looks like there's less in the picture than it does in real life. Oh well.

I'm onto sketching what storage solution is going to work in there so that I can get organized enough to dedicate desk and craft space. Really trying to make that room my "home office" and not a "miscellaneous items dump."

I think I may have finally hit upon an Ikea solution that will work, but the proof will be in the assembly, of course. Another thing to stay tuned for.

Finally, this weekend is the Renegade Craft Fair AND the Alameda Point Antiques and Collectibles Fair. My cup runneth over!  I especially love cool craft fairs because being around all those great ideas helps me come up with my own. Plus, this is a great chance to pick up a few Christmas presents (I shop for Christmas year-round and keep gifts in a box in my closet until the holidays. Saves me a lot of last-minute stress.)  And Alameda is great for picking up vintage furniture - hoping to find an end table to replace the crappy Target one the movers damaged, and maybe some interesting candle sconces for the dining room.

Happy Weekend!

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